Friday, August 3, 2012

Dare To Dream. The Reason You Have No Dreams And What Can Be Done.

Most People do not realize the importance of a dream. That's why you have a lot of people who are willing settle for mediocrity and conformity before dreaming and risking failure. This fear based mentality is what keeps people from pursuing their dreams.

Two theories come to mind when trying to explain why people would settle for mediocrity and conformity.

First is the theory of the carrot and the stick. People are motivated by one of two forces the act of avoiding pain (the stick) and the pursuit of pleasure (the carrot).

This theory also states that most people the avoidance of pain is a stronger force than the pursuit of pleasure. So if faced with a choice they will almost always choose the avoidance of pain.

Because sometimes the pursuit of pleasure involves some type of perceived pain, (change, lose of comfort level, etc.)

The second theory is the theory of logic vs. emotion. When the logic and emotion are at odd people will mostly decide based on emotion.

So when you combine these what do you have,

If you ask someone if they wanted to be successful they would more then likely say yes (logical), people don't want success they want what success can give them (the carrot).

But if you ask them why they are not successful the excuses you will get will either be based on remaining in there comfort zone (emotion) and avoiding failure (the stick).

If these very same people had a dream, something worthwhile they were pursuing then they would not be so quick to accept mediocrity and conformity.

Let me tell you what your dreams do for you.

Your dreams will empower you. When you have a dream, you will feel alive, vibrant full of energy. Dreams will help you take on the world.

Dreams give you courage. The bigger you make your dreams the smaller you your fears and obstacles.

Dreams make you more receptive to opportunity. Because our subconscious mind filters information that we receive based on what our conscious mind decides is important, when you think about your dream you open up you perception and reception to resources and opportunities that you never knew existed.
Your dreams will help you persevere. When things don't go your way (and there will be a time when they won't) and you take setbacks in the pursuit of your dreams (and you will). It will be your dream that will provide you with the fuel you need to keep going.

Just decide that your dream will be bigger then any obstacle and you can move on.

Now that you know what a dream can be and do for you. Let me help you to dream. Here are some steps you can use to get started dreaming if you've never had a dream to pursue. If you had a dream and somehow lost it in life, then let me help you find it.

First thing you must do is dare to dream. Yes dare. You must give yourself permission to dream and also the permission to pursue the dream. Allow yourself despite all the things that everyday life may throw at you.

If you do not do this then it makes no sense for you to go past this line. If you will not allow yourself to dream then I couldn't talk you into dreaming if my life depended on it.

If you are ready and allowed yourself to dream, go somewhere where you can be alone in silence for about 15min. somewhere with a bed or very comfortable chair.

Now sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Clear your mind of everything, then start asking yourself a series of what do you want question and answering them with what you want. And this is for more then material things. (Spouse, lifestyle, travel etc.)

Exp. What do I want in my business? I want to be the number one service provider in my area

What do I want with my personality? I want to be more decisive

It doesn't matter what the dream is because just keep dreaming and when you run out of dreams then do it again.

For the next 48hrs keep you dreams in the front of your mind. This is how you do it spend 5-10 minutes thinking about your dreams when you wake and when you go to bed.

Since you will be thinking of your dreams the night before you may actually have a dream about your dream, you may not recall it but it is a possibility.

Now whenever you feel negative about a situation or get upset. (and most people feel negative and get upset when they feel like something is an obstacle to their dream.

Think of the dream you feel this situation is an obstacle to. Now that you know your dreams determine if the situation is in fact an obstacle to your dream. Remind yourself that your dreams are bigger then the situation.

Whether the situation is or isn't an obstacle you must decide to either fix it or forget it. Some problems don't need an immediate solution and some need none at all. Don't be a fire fighter. Think of your dreams and move on.

After 48 hrs go back to that quiet place and this time bring a pen and a pad. Now think of your dreams again using the same technique from above.

When you have finished envisioning your dreams, write them down on the pad that you have. This list will sometimes change you may add to it take away from it as you reach those dreams.

Out of your list you will have one or a few dreams that you think about the most circle them.

These are your core dreams. Sometimes they are individual but mostly they are connected to multiple dreams that you have. Pick the one you feel is most important.

Now that you have picked a core dream to follow, think about the first thing you can do to make this dream come true. Now that you know the first thing to do. (don't think about anything except the first step.

Go out and do step one. Whatever it is you decided the first step was go out and take that step and don't make any other plans until that one thing is done. Then figure out the next step just one and do that.

You are now on your way to your dreams every step gets you one step closer.

Think about your dreams when you wake up and when you go to sleep and review them once a month or more. Keep them in the front of your mind and before you know it the life of you dreams will be your reality.

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